Ms. Bonnie Neely, Chair
& Commissioners
California Coastal Commission
Central Coast District Office
725 Front Street, Suite 300
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4508

RE: YES to Monterey Bay Shores Ecoresort!
Monterey Peninsula Residents Support it.

Dear Madam Chair and Commissioners:

It's rare to come across a coastal project on the Monterey Peninsula that I can support. But the Monterey Bay Shores Ecoresort demonstrates that by having a visionary and sustainable approach to coastal design, it can be done with minimal environmental impacts, and protection of coastal resources. I welcome that kind of approach and new thinking to the Monterey Peninsula. This project has many green, sustainable and ecological features and benefits that are simply amazing. For the Monterey Peninsula to be the first in the country to embrace and implement these green strategies in a visitor serving facility, would be monumental. Three benefits that capture my even greater support are:

  • This site was a sand mining site for 60 years. It is degraded. I welcome the restoration, both dune and habitat, and the protection of viewshed corridor along Highway 1 and across the Bay from Monterey and Pacific Grove.
  • The public on the Monterey Peninsula does not have beach access on the stretch from the Monterey Beach Hotel, Monterey, to Reservation Road in Marina, a stretch of about 8 miles. We have over 65,000 people living east of that stretch that for the first time will have public access to the beach on that stretch, paid for by the project.
  • This project will generate up to 500 construction and permanent Green jobs, a much needed boost to the local economy.

This project was envisioned by respecting the coastal resources, by restoring it and by renewing it. That is the mission of the Coastal Act. We need this project. Please APPROVE the Coastal Development Permit for the Ecoresort as proposed coming up for review in your Coastal Commission hearing. I support it.

Respectfully yours,

cc. Dr. Charles Lester & Dan Carl, Central Coast District Office,